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Footwear Photography is an expression to showcase the product with a wide difference. Lighting, space, and prop are the best ways to bring out the actual look. Product Photographer India has done a good job through out the experience in Photography for online footwear stores. We know that a products picture has a long way to go as it is the only way for online stores to bring a positive response from customers. Rather it could be ladies footwear or Men’s footwear but true product photography is the root of our photography venture.

Poor photography can scare the customers so we add a little oomph to it through sharpness and lighting to enhance the value of the image. A huge range of styles have an exclusive way of presentation. For example Flats, Bellies, Peep Toes, Boots, Sneakers and Loafers are those which needs a little stuffing in the shoes to give it a proper shape.

On the other hand Heels and Wedges have a changed attraction where they need focus from above and sides. We believe in proving a complete view of different angles of Footwear. As different angles provide a winning situation for the photographer also and the product as well. Even when we talk about background then it should be less focussed rather it is heavy or blank.

Often models used in product shoot also work best in few footwear. We present the footwear wore by model by focusing on the lower body. It gives an idea to the customer as they feel there feet in the same shoes portrayed in the image. Keeping in mind all guidelines and principles in mind help us to provide best quality pictures which speak for themselves. So when you think about footwear photography, think about ProductPhotographerIndia.Com.

Ajay Walia

Ajay Walia - Professional Photographer.

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